1. Sepultura 1984


    Dec 4, 1984

    Cavalera Brothers formed Sepultura with Sarcofago’s Wagner (vocals) & Paulo Jr (bass)

  2. Bestial Devastation / Século XX

    Dec 1, 1985

    Self-produce & record shared EP Bestial devastation with Brazilian band Overdose

  3. Sepultura 1984

    Morbid Visions

    Nov 10, 1986

    Andreas Kisser joins Band, Record and Release Morbid Visions.

  4. Sepultura 1984


    Oct 30, 1987

    Release Schizophrenia.

  5. Sepultura 1984

    Death Metal

    Jun 6, 1988

    Release of Death Metal, Band gets signed to Roadrunner records.

  6. Sepultura 1984

    Beneath the Remains

    Sep 5, 1989

    Release of Beneath the remains produced by Scott Burns

  7. Sepultura 1984

    Band moves to USA

    Jun 6, 1990

    Release of Split Lost Tapes of Cogumelo.

  8. Sepultura 1984


    Abr 2, 1991

    Release Arise, making biggest debut for any South American band at the time on Billboard.

  9. Sepultura 1984

    Third World Posse EP

    Jun 6, 1992

    Max marries Manager Gloria. Band releases Third World Posse EP.

  10. Sepultura 1984

    Chaos A.D.

    Sep 2, 1993

    Release of Chaos A.D.

  11. Sepultura 1984

    Slave New World

    Jun 6, 1994

    Release of Slave New World EP.

  12. Sepultura 1984

    Release of Roots produced by Ross Robinson.

    Feb 20, 1996

    After touring Max quits the band. Manager Gloria also quits, leaving the band without Vocalist, management-booking contacts, producer Robinson starts working with Max’s Soulfly

  13. Sepultura 1984

    Release Choke (Single)

    Jun 6, 1997

    Band recruits Derrick Green as new vocalist.

  14. Sepultura 1984


    Oct 6, 1998

    Release of AGAINST. First Full-length with permanent vocalist Derrick Green.

  15. Sepultura 1984


    Mar 20, 2001

    Extensive Touring in Europe, Asia and Americas. Release of Nation.

  16. Sepultura 1984


    Nov 22, 2002

    An EP of Covers (Hellhammer, Metallica, Exodus, U2..)

  17. Sepultura 1984

    Release of Roorback

    May 26, 2003

    Best Derrick’s era ranked album from musical critics at the moment, public reception differs in sales performance.

  18. Sepultura 1984

    Dante XXI

    Mar 22, 2006

    Release of Dante XXI.

  19. Sepultura 1984


    Jan 23, 2009

    Last album with Iggor Cavalera who leaves band to focus on his electronic project MIXHELL with his wife. Drummer Jean Dolabela as live drummer. Later on Iggor joins Max to form Cavalera Conspiracy.

  20. Sepultura 1984


    Jun 17, 2011

    Band gets signed to Nuclear Blast years after roadrunner is bought by Warner Music. Release of Kairos. Drums prodigy Eloy Casagrandre joins Sepultura.

  21. Sepultura 1984

    The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart

    Oct 25, 2013

    Release of The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart produced by Ross Robinson.

  22. Sepultura 1984

    Dupla Identidade

    Oct 20, 2014

    Release of Dupla Identidade, original music for a miniseries.

  23. Sepultura 1984

    30 years Sepultura

    Dec 4, 2015

    Band celebrates 30 years touring Europe and Americas.

  24. Sepultura 1984

    Machine Messiah

    Jan 13, 2017

    Sepultura always respecting their legacy continues their way without looking back, with constant work and indisputably a great quality, the Brazilians return with “Machine Messiah” confirming their desire to continue evolving and above all delivering what could be one of the best Metal Albums of 2017!